Our Services




Mark One provides high quality and economical legal support services globally with its experienced and competent team of legal professionals and compliance personnel. Mark One’s legal services team comprises experienced and trained lawyers who are supervised by senior lawyers of international standing to provide guidance and direction in execution and implementation.


Mark One diverse offerings for legal services include:


Contract Drafting and Review

Contract drafting and review is the core activity undertaken by the legal services team. It includes drafting, reviewing, modifying and negotiating various contracts ranging from highly complex Loan and Security Documentation, Manufacturer’s Warranty Assignments to fairly simple documents such as addendums and non-disclosure agreements. This is non-advisory work based on preparing standardized contract templates. Typically, the Mark One team collaborates with the customer to prepare these customized templates to suit dynamic business requirements.


Contract Management

In our experience we have found that customers are good at entering into contracts but contract management often ends up slipping between 2 stools. This leads to revenue leakage, poor management and greater risks for the company. At Mark One, we offer niche contract management services such as maintenance of contract database, creation of contract summaries/abstracts and databases as per client specifications, tracking renewals, identifying incorrect/inconsistent and incomplete data entries, cataloguing and indexing contracts and generating reports required on a periodic basis. Given Mark One’s extensive expertise in IT, we are also able to assist customers by identifying appropriate IT solutions for their specific contract management requirements.


Legal Research and Analysis

Mark One offers high-end and cost effective legal research and analysis services with timely deliveries utilizing state-of-the-art methodologies and research tools. We have access to numerous extensive libraries of databases covering most jurisdictions. Our research and analysis team provides comprehensive legal research services in the following areas: Case Law Research, Statutory Research, Legal Analysis and Summary Drafting, and Fact Based Internet Research. Such assignments can, at the convenience of the customer, be either a project-based activity or an on-going activity.


Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance is handled by a competent and experienced team of compliance personnel who have a keen eye for detail. We conduct regulatory compliance in the following areas: Anti Money Laundering Compliance, Know Your Customer (KYC) Compliance, and Suspicious Activity Reporting.