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Mark One has effectively managed recoveries along ranges of delinquent accounts across industries including Telecom. Banking, Mortgage, Credit Card, and Debt Buyer Institutions amongst others. Mark One across Early-Mid State Collections, Debt Management, Charge-Offs, Inventory Management (Account Segmentation & Prioritization, Skip Tracing, and Scrubbing & Lettering), Legal Collection, Dialer Strategies development, and Reporting & Analytics. The increasing cost of collections, poor collection performance and unorganized data structures are hampering the business performance quarter-on-quarter. There is no intelligence built into the CRM to smartly achieve the outstanding collections without hampering the principle’s brand image. Customers perceive collections as the most rude side of business – it’s an area that any consumer vertical cannot avoid whereas customers detest its style of functioning. Mark One achieves a delicate balance between our clients and their end- customers, with its robust intelligence system. wisely integrated with the advanced technology, thereby providing the leading edge of higher revenue collections at lower cost and negligible damage to brand image.