Our Services




New customer acquisition plays a key role in the growth story of any business. The challenges include high marketing costs and long lead times in converting prospects to customers. This involves provisioning, inbound and outbound marketing, and appropriate tool interventions in the early stages of the customer management lifecycle. Our customer management services help expand your customer base; more importantly, we improve revenue growth while reducing the cost of growth using our multi-channel intelligence and digital channel strategy.


We differentiate our services with

Proactive and reactive online customer engagement using best-in-class tools.
Better up-sell and cross-sell by leveraging inbound sales centers.
Certified, motivated customer growth teams.
An extensive network of onshore and offshore customer experience centers.


Some of these campaigns include:

Inbound Tele-Sales.
Outbound Tele-Sales.
Proactive Chat/Social Media Interaction.
Direct Selling.


All these campaigns are designed only after analyzing the customer segment and identifying the primary needs of the customers.